Monday, June 26, 2006

Troop safety - progress of sorts

From the BBC:
The use of Snatch Land Rovers by British forces in Iraq is to be reviewed, the defence secretary says.

Des Browne told MPs he could not fail to be aware of concerns about the vehicles after recently visiting Iraq.
Kudos to Richard North, who has been hammering away at this topic over at EU Referendum. However, Richard is still far from happy. The MoD has ordered 80 Pinzgauer troop transport vehicles which are, if anything, less safe than the Land Rovers:
the level of protection is no greater than the "Snatch" and, with its slab sides and flat floor, it is not a mine protected vehicle...These Pinzgauers, far from making troops safer, could end up being "coffins on wheels". When it comes to new patrol vehicles for Iraq, therefore, the MoD cannot be trusted to make the right decision. The battle must continue.
If you believe our troops deserve better, please tell the MoD what you think here.


Blogger Jack Asher said...

Iain Dale has posted on this issue this morning...

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