Saturday, June 24, 2006

Troop Safety - Ingram Bullshits

Defence Minister Adam Ingram during a defence debate in the House of Commons on Thursday:
"Our focus at all times is the protection of our personnel".
He must be talking about Labour ministers because there's no way troop safety is this government's prime focus. More, as ever, at EU Referendum.


Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

I read that. As usual, we see classic ministerial obfuscation at work.

MP: "Minister, our equipment is inadequate and soldiers are dying because of it."

Minister: "Our soldiers' safety is paramount."

MP: "But soldiers are dying because of inadequate equipment."

Minister: "Our troops are doing a brilliant job."


Reading between the lines, Ingram et al seem to be saying that equipment doesn't really matter because our boys are doing such an excellent job - or our boys' utter brilliance negates the need for decent equipment.

A complete two-way non sequitur, yes, but this appears to be the standard government response.

Incidentally, when is Gordon Brown going to visit Iraq and Afghanistan, I wonder? Has he ever visited a military institution, I wonder?

11:44 am  

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