Thursday, June 08, 2006

John Simpson on al-Zarqawi

On Radio 4's Today, Simpson describes al-Zarqawi's head-chopping exploits and concludes that he was "a fairly distasteful kind of person" (mp3, 130k, 19 secs)

I guess these are strong words from someone who thought the 7/7 bombers were "misguided criminals" .

Update June 9, 10.30am. Thanks to Grimer for uploading John Simpson's latest doom-laden report from Iraq. We see Simpson hanging out with his like-minded friends from al-Reuters ("the real heroes") and the New York Times, and, predictably enough, he finds only bad news. He concludes:
"Maybe we'll look back and decide that by June 2006 this was a war the Americans and their allies could no longer win."
Or maybe "we" won't. A day after this was broadcast, al-Zarqawi ceased to be. The terrorists haven't won, but I'm sure they'll continue to take heart from BBC reports like this.


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