Monday, June 26, 2006

Iran attacks UK human rights record

Here's a real jawdropper from the Iranian Students News Agency:
TEHRAN, June 26 (ISNA)-Iran has objected to the poor human rights conditions in the U.K. and has asked for serious and immediate actions to be taken in this regard.

Iran's Foreign Ministry in a message to the Foreign Ministry of the United Kingdom has asked for serious and immediate actions to be taken towards the systematic violation of human rights in this country and the way minorities are treated due to terrorist anti-action measures.
Where do they get balls big enough?


Blogger Malcolm said...

No doubt Mr. Blair will send a grovelling apology, and will promise to strive to make UK's human rights to be more like Irans.

4:03 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

The human rights abuses in Britain are perpetrated against the indigenous people.

4:21 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

What wonderful chutzpah.

I am sure we can learn something from Iran.

We can start executing rape victims and throwing homosexuals from tall buildings and stuff.

6:19 pm  
Anonymous Umbongo said...

Oh dear. I hope the Foreign Office can send a suitably conciliatory communique sooner rather than later. Perhaps, also, a delegation of intellectuals led by . . . er . . Harold Pinter. No, on second thoughts, not Pinter. After all he is a Jew and we wouldn't want to upset the Iranians even more.

9:25 pm  

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