Saturday, June 10, 2006

Forest Gate Demo

Interesting little photo from al-Ghurabaa’s anti-police demo at Forest Gate police station yesterday. The radical islamist group’s current sticker campaign compares the wonders of ‘Islamic family values and morality’ with the evil and decadent values of British society, and yet this guy encouraging a youngster to shout anti-police slogans through a loud hailer is wearing a T-shirt from soft-core lads’ mag Loaded.

Does Loaded have an "Ask the Imam" section nowadays?

(Pic from Getty Images)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'loaded' - East London ghetto slang for "I've got 3 sticks of Semtex up me arse, and the fuse is already lit, you Infidel Pigs..."

(not to be confused with a high-brow magazine for younger men of the same name)

1:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do they wear those inky-dinky little crocheted girly hats? Do they know how silly they look?

- Anonymousette

2:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an obvious disconnect here isn't there? Wahhabists living in non-Muslim countries moaning about 'permissiveness'. There are any number of nations they could reside in which don't suffer such moral pollution. Fuck off, and take your revealed 'truth' with you.

9:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous - As far as I am concerned the Muslim Council and every other quasi "official" Muslim governing association should be illegal; they already have elected representatives as councillors and MPs, like everyone else. All these Muslim quasi, would-be governing bodies should be dismantled ...

- Anonymousette

The new secretary general, a Mr Bari, who wears an ill-fitting wig, is calling for Britons to adopt Muslim habits.

This is yet another clear demonstration that these people are clinically insane. They appear to honestly believe that the brutality of the Dark Ages is preferable to the post-enlightenment civilisation in which they find themselves and which discomfits them so.

Mr Bari - two things: One. Get a new wig. That one looks as though you've moulded camel dung to your head. It is not pretty.

Two: Hmmmmm, on consideration, no, we will not be adopting your primitive habits.

No to beheadings. No to murdering people born homosexual. No to stoning women to death for being impertinent enough to get raped. No to chopping off hands and putting out eyes. No to multiple marriages, forced marriages, incestuous marriages to first cousins, and marrying off daughters for money. No to female genital butchery. No to polygamy. No to forcing women to go around in mobile cells and walk two steps behind the men, carrying the luggage. No to hijabs on state-funded property, like schools. No to marriage at nine years of age.

The categorisation of Islam as a religion needs to be reconsidered. It shows all the particularities of being a dangerous cult.

2:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS - Mr Bari, I forgot an Islamic custom that we also won't be adopting: A big "NO" to "honour" murders.

This includes shipping daughters and sisters to Pakistan to be murdered to avoid uncomfortable questions from the British police. It seems the folks in Pakistan don't concern themselves unduly when they happen across a fresh, unmarked grave.

- Anonymousette

2:27 pm  

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