Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enhanced role for Jeremy Bowen

From the BBC:
The role of BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen is to be "enhanced" as the corporation strengthens its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The move forms part of a plan by BBC managers to address criticisms made in a recent report…

Bowen, who was appointed Middle East editor in June 2005, will have a greater role "in helping to formulate the BBC's overall coverage strategy".
What direction will Bowen take the BBC’s coverage? This quote from John Pilger in the Press Gazette a couple of weeks ago might give a clue:
Palestinians are rarely represented as victims who we can empathise with.
They are almost always represented as terrorists.
There are some worthy exceptions — Jeremy Bowen has an honourable record and Robert Fisk, who I think has come in for all sorts of unjustified criticism because he has pointed out that there is structural abuse, and Tim Llewellyn, the former BBC correspondent has written very eloquently about the issue.
When you draw favourable comparisons with the likes of Fisk and Llewellyn from the likes of Pilger I think it's fairly safe to assume that you’re unlikely to be mistaken for a Zionist sympathiser any time soon.


Blogger Slagella said...

Never heard of Tim Llewellyn. Who he?

1:37 am  
Blogger DFH said...

Former BBC Middle East correspondent - virulently anti-Israel. Examples here and here.

9:47 am  

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