Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vendetta against Hirsi Ali

Earlier this week Christopher Hitchens wrote about "Holland's shameful treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali". Well now it's even more shameful:
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch legislator who has championed the rights of Muslim women, is returning from a book tour to a firestorm for lying on her asylum application when she fled to the Netherlands in 1992 to escape an arranged marriage.

Hirsi Ali, 36, said Saturday she was puzzled by the uproar since she publicly acknowledged the false refugee application when she stood for parliament in 2002...

Political opponents want her stripped of her Dutch citizenship and deported. Others say she should be expelled from parliament.


More at Jihad Watch, LGF, and IBA (where Hirsi Ali is the Infidel Babe of the Week).


Anonymous alison said...

I think shes terrific but at the risk of playing devils advocate here why would you publicly announce something like this when Verdonk is running for president and renowned for taking a hard line on immigration? Its one thing to subtley tell her and for her to turn a blind eye but in making this programme Ali has put her asylum status in the public domain and subsequently put Verdonk in a tricky position. This is nutty PR and i dont understand why she (Ali) did that.

1:37 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

She's just repeating what she publicly acknowledged in 2002. The documentary is about her journey from Somalia to Holland - failure to mention her refugee application would have been attacked by her critics as evidence that she was trying to brush over this episode in her life.

I think she's just trying to be honest.

4:22 pm  
Anonymous alison said...

Maybe but i think she compromised her party a bit in the run up to elections - its very public honesty by emphasising it in the documentary in this way and Verdonk would have to pick up on it if thats the strong party line. Not the cleverest bit of PR.

5:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What IS most shameful is Christopher Hitchens' typical dishonest generizations and Limbaugh-like baiting to score points.
He collectively blames Holland-- and for what? Electing a black women immigrant to parliment who revealed at the time she lied to get into the country? Or because (as the story referenced above states a little farther down):
"Hirsi Ali became a popular figure in the Netherlands for renouncing her Muslim faith, condemning the treatment of women in many Muslim households and criticizing Dutch immigration and integration policies." Shameful? or is her Dutch popularity somehow unrelated to the colective "shameful Dutch"?
The fact that her political opponents want her deported is a reflection on their fear of her popularity.

6:43 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Alison - I take your point, but I can’t help feeling that Hirsi Ali would not be the same person if she was preoccupied with the PR of her party. She may not be the ideal team player, but she’s not the only one with choices. Rita Verdonk could’ve said something along these lines: “Yes these are our immigration policies, but Ayaan has risked her life to defend values that too many of us take for granted. In her case I make an exception, and I don’t care if you don’t like it.” But she didn’t.

Anonymous - I don’t think Hitchens actually blames the whole of Holland in his column and I doubt he chose that headline. Perhaps I should have linked to the article with a more considered phrase. Hitchens does refer to “a supposedly liberal society collaborating in its own destruction”, but that’s a generalisation I’d be quite happy to use about Britain next time something is banned out of sensitivity to Islam. I don’t think he is damning the entire Dutch nation. Clearly all Dutch people don’t wish ill of Hirsi Ali - after all, she’s an elected representative and someone must have voted for her.

I do agree that her opponents fear, and are probably jealous of, her popularity - more so following her recent trip to the US, no doubt. This might also help to explain Verdonk’s response.

7:52 pm  
Anonymous mamapajamas said...

Anon... "What IS most shameful is Christopher Hitchens' typical dishonest generizations and Limbaugh-like baiting to score points."

... "dishonest generalizations and Limbaugh-like baiting..." ????

Limbaugh isn't a viscious "baiter"... he simply calls them as he sees them. When he sees hypocrisy he says so. He doesn't have to "bait" to do this... liberals in the US reveal their hypocrisy under their own steam. Limbaugh just points it out.

As for Ms. Hirsi herself, it is clear that she is under assault from a group of political enemies who want to use this episode to completely ruin her. That is what Hitchins is pointing out.


6:55 am  

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