Friday, May 05, 2006

Prescott still DPM

So John ‘Cocktail Sausage’ Prescott has kept his title of Deputy Prime Minister. I wonder if there’s any truth to the claims he made to former Labour press officer Tricia McDaid:
McDaid also said that Prescott boasted he had a dossier of people in the Labour party who had slept with one another.
What salary will he be getting now that he doesn't have a department?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding John Prescott and his new non-job/with perks, how's this for towering insolence. Hazel Blears, yes, her, said:
"The role that John's got is really important in bringing the Parliamentary party together."

Excuse me? Hello? Did I read that right? The taxpayer has to fund a Labour Parliamentary party facilitator?

Ms Blears (if you can read) darling, why would that be? I can accept words of one syllable. Why would Conservatives, Lib Dems, UKIPers and all other taxpayers want to have taxes deducted to hold your unravelling party together? Even if it weren't rotten through and through? Isn't that the Labour Party's job?

When did it become the taxpayer's responsibility to finance your failures?

12:25 am  

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