Sunday, May 07, 2006

The New Home Secretary

Ex-commie, drinking mate of war criminal Radovan Karadzic, son involved in a lobbying scandal, run-ins with Scottish first ministers - it's all in the Sunday Times:
Such is his aggressive manner that the much-aired West Lothian Question, which highlights the anomaly that lets Scottish MPs vote on English affairs while devolution prevents things happening the other way around, is again likely to come to the fore with Reid at the helm of the Home Office.

So far the English have shown extraordinary patience as time after time Scottish MPs have voted to foist controversial reforms upon them, ranging from university top-up fees to city academies.

Whether, as the Scottish ruling elite grows, the English will be happy to allow Reid to make identity cards compulsory south of the border while as a Scottish MP he would not be required to carry one himself remains to be seen...

Henry McLeish, the former Scottish first minister, was caught on tape describing him as a “patronising bastard”, while a run-in with Jeremy Paxman after the BBC anchor called him an “attack dog” was nothing short of extraordinary.

Reid turned the debate into a class war, claiming Paxman’s reference was motivated by snobbery because he had a Glasgow accent. Paxman’s retaliation in The Sunday Times days later that Reid was part of a “Scottish Raj” now running the country has assumed all the more potency after Friday’s reshuffle saw the number of Scots in the cabinet rise to five.
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Anonymous Rog said...

Talking of a "Scottish Raj", have you ever noticed just how many presenters across the whole BBC (TV & radio) are Scottish?

It's bloody infested with them - way out of proportion to the UK population.

11:13 pm  

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