Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Bookstore Dhimmitude

Globe and Mail:
Canada's largest retail bookseller has removed all copies of the June issue of Harper's Magazine from its 260 stores, claiming an article by New York cartoonist Art Spiegelman could foment protests similar to those that occurred this year in reaction to the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Indigo Books and Music took the action this week when its executives noticed that the 10-page Harper's article, titled Drawing Blood, reproduced all 12 cartoons first published last September by Jyllands-Posten (The Morning Newspaper).
I hope Canadians will boycott the chain just as customers worldwide did when Borders refused to sell the April/May issue of Free Inquiry magazine. Borders appears to have learned from the experience - it is stocking the new Harper's.


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