Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The joys of sharia...

News from India via NDTV:
Muslim woman caught in marital doublespeak

A marriage solemnized when she was barely three years old without her consent has come to haunt 19-year-old Mafia Bano.

Married off when she was just three years old along with her 15-year-old sister Basheeran to two boys in the same family, Mafia is now being forced to recognize a marriage she says she does not even remember.

"I don't even remember my first husband. I have never met him; he has not come even once to take me home so why should I recognise that marriage," said Mafia.

What's worse, Mafia says her older sister Basheeran was harassed for dowry and beaten by her husband's family. For the past nine years she has been living with her parents and both the sisters want to have nothing to do with the family they were married into as minors.

Hypocritical stand

But the boys' parents say they won't give a divorce despite the fact that Mafia's child groom Firoz is now set for another marriage on June 3.

NDTV: What do you want ?
Firoz: I want to keep her.
NDTV: But you are getting married again on June 3.
Firoz: That's allowed in our law.

And 40 per cent of British Muslims want sharia law over here.


Blogger Charles Martel said...

OT (but maybe relevant):
Foreign criminals get off scot free but a
74 year old pensioner faces jail over council tax.

how fucked up is that?

10:59 pm  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Sharia law is incompatible with civilisation (as presumably are 40% of Bombheads)
because it is the foundation for Muslim 'ethics'.

The huge gaping difference between the ethical standards of Muslims and those of the rest of humanity, is that Muslim ethics are dictated solely by Mohammed in the form of his instructions in the koran, and also by the example of his actions.

To Muslims, Mohammed is the 'perfect man' (al-insan al-kamil) and can do no wrong. Following his example is pleasing to Allah.

Everything else is 'man-made' and contrary to Allah's will. So to the Muslim, Mohammed's venomous, psychopathic, hate-filled rantings (koran) and his murderous, predatory, pedophilic example (hadith) are the sole arbiters of what is right and wrong.

This means that the Muslim must reject both the Golden Rule, and also the inner voice of his own conscience (both of which are so important in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Bahai etc).

If you convert to Islam you must stop thinking for yourself (one of its attractions for some people) . If you are born a Muslim, you are never allowed to start thinking for yourself. And, of course, you need never obey your conscience if Mohammed has given you an excuse to follow his own repulsive example.

12:53 am  

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