Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hirsi Ali may have the last laugh

All is not lost in Holland.

17 May 2006

AMSTERDAM — Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk was compelled in the early hours of Wednesday morning to reconsider whether Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Dutch citizen.

A majority of the political parties in parliament backed two motions on the issue. One calls on Verdonk to reconsider within six weeks whether Hirsi Ali is a Dutch citizen. The second instructs the Minister to grant Hirsi Ali accelerated naturalisation if she finds she is not a citizen of the Netherlands.
Verdonk is in the running to become the political leader of the VVD for the 2007 general election. The suspicion is she rushed out a decision on Hirsi Ali to show her even-handedness.

But it has done her more harm than good. Opinion polls conducted among VVD members shows support for former front-runner Verdonk has nosedived. And VVD MPs have made it clear they no longer see Verdonk as their future leader.


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People have noticed the darkness.

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