Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A government in chaos?

The visit of Lebanon’s new PM appears to have caused some confusion. From the Downing Street press briefing today:
Asked why Prime Minister Siniora had been to visit the Chancellor yesterday, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied that he did not know.
A foreign leader comes to town, goes to see the Chancellor ahead of the PM, and Number 10 doesn’t know anything about it? Is this really the way Blair and Brown intend to conduct business until Blair steps aside?

Also from the briefing:
Asked whether the Deputy Prime Minister would face questions in the House, the PMOS said that Mr. Prescott would be accountable to Parliament. Because of the two new departments, and the changes in his role, it would take some time to organise.

Asked if that meant Questions in the House, the PMOS said he would be accountable to Parliament, but the details had yet to be sorted out.
According to Prescott’s Independent interview today, they’ve had plenty of time to get it "sorted out":
He said he had asked the Prime Minister more than a year ago to allow him to focus on chairing cabinet committees and representing Mr Blair abroad rather than running the department for local government and planning.
Either Prescott's talking crap or the government is completely incompetent. (The correct answer is of course 'both'.)

And just so that we can all sleep safely in our beds:
Asked if Mr. Prescott would still be in charge when the Prime Minister goes on holiday, the PMOS replied that nothing had changed in that regard.
That's a relief, eh?


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