Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good grief

From the Telegraph:
The Prince of Wales has defended alternative therapies in an address to the World Health Assembly, after a group of leading UK doctors attacked complementary medicine...

Charles, a steadfast advocate of alternative therapies, said in his address: "I believe that the proper mix of proven complementary, traditional and modern remedies, which emphasise the active participation of the patient, can help to create a powerful healing force for our world."

Still, our political leaders are hardly any better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the PoW is a tosser. I think he's bonkers, but in a gentle, kindly way.

Blair and Cameron are tossers. Looks like Blair's given up the Mayan religion, whatever it is, and taken up Hinduism. Well, there are more Hindus than Mayans in Britain, aren't there? Makes sense, reeeely.

That bicycle cap is probably the least flattering thing on planet Earth that Cameron could have put on his head. What a fool. The next PM of Britain. Yeah. Titter ye not, Missis.

- the same Anonymous

7:16 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

Id could be 'happy'. Id be happy if they would all just fuck right off and let us run the country.

7:21 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

"but in a gentle, kindly way."

oh right. gentle?

you overlooked his pandering to Islamism:

Prince Charles gets award from Sunni University

Muslim Cultures dot org - Patron : Prince Charles

8:55 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

"taken up Hinduism"

err.. that red string is curiously similar to the red strings of that nutty cult , the Kabbalah sect.

8:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

charles martel, I may well be wrong, but I think I read the first time I saw this photo that they'd given it to him when he visited some Hindu temple. When he gets the time to visit Hindu temples when the country is crashing down around our ears, who knows?

- Anonymousette

9:04 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

Um, is it me or does Adam from The Ambiguously Gay Duo bear more than a passing resemblance to David Cameron?

It's the cycling helmet what gives it away.

11:28 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Well spotted Clem. "You'll all be gay and happy with the new Tories."

Charles - it was a Hindu thing.

10:47 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

"You'll all be gay and happy with the new Tories."

Close, DfH, but no cigar:

"You can be gay, happy and SAFE with the new Tories."


11:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it. Blair likes to move around with celebs and there probably isn't one person in London who could name a Mayan god. It's one thing to go for a well-publicised holiday in the resort of Cancun or wherever it was, get rubbed down in papaya and crawl down an ancient Mayan plastic tube representing the birth canal, but frankly, where does it get you? No one knows the names of the dieties. (Well, the Mayans will know, but they're not even postal voters - although there's an idea!)

Obviously, everyone's heard of Shakti! And Indians are just so cool. Neat clothes, good looking (save Keith Vaz and the Hinduja brothers), R-I-C-H. Indian temples are cool. Frankly, if you were an ignorant, mean-spirited, shallow opportunist, which group would you choose?

- the same Anonymous now posting as Anonymousette

1:53 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

So, Anonymousette, maybe Hinduism is the new Islam?

Islam is sooooooo last year.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Cherie signed up as a Hari Krishna if there were a few quid and a free curry on offer.

2:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it: it is an undeniable fact that the Hindus have the best food, adding to their air of specialness. I don't know anything about Mayan food, but it hasn't exactly set the world on fire, has it? And you don't see anyone in London walking around dressed as Mayan, do you?

Have any Mayans offered cash for peerages? See? A cheap opportunist has to take all these points into account. On the whole, go with the Hindu wristband.

- Anonymousette

2:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There being no way to send you items except to post them, here is this, which doesn't fit into this thread, for which I apologise.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5011326.stm An American megastar is going to play a fading, ugly British never-happened politician? WTF? Do you think this story was - uh- planted and that the star in question has never heard of Gordon Brown? Or maybe even Britain?

- Anonymousette

3:01 pm  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...


AntiCitizenOne in London.

3:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think QuetzalCoatl was an Aztec. That combination of sounds is Aztec-ish.

- Anonymouse

3:12 pm  
Blogger James said...

Those bloody Aztecs, always trying to insinuate themselves into the debate...

8:22 am  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

Whoops. I think you're right.

11:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anticitizenone - I looked it up and I was wrong, too. He was an Olmec. And that is the sum total of my knowledge about Olmecs: QuetzalCoatl was one.

Apologies for leaping in with an incorrect correction.

- Anonymousette

2:23 pm  
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