Saturday, May 06, 2006

Even Reid knows he shouldn't be Home Sec

From The Scotsman:
JOHN REID's appointment as Home Secretary yesterday confirms the continuing influence of Scottish MPs in the Cabinet, but could also raise some difficult political questions.

Douglas Alexander's rise to full membership of the Cabinet brings to five the number of Scots MPs with seats at the government's top table.

Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, remains the most senior. Alistair Darling moves to run the Department of Trade and Industry and Des Browne replaces Dr Reid at the Ministry of Defence....

But even Dr Reid may be aware of the potential for controversy. Earlier this year, at a party for senior military officers, he joked that the Home Secretary's job was perhaps the one Cabinet role he would not be awarded, because his constituency is north of the Border.
Too bloody right. Isn't it time John Reid resigned as Home Secretary?

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