Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yet more "It's our fault"

European Dhimmi of the Year 2006 is going to be a tough call. In the last week alone we've heard from Jan Schoonenboom in the Netherlands, Göran Lambertz in Sweden, and now we get Guy Verhofstadt and Cardinal Godfried Danneels in Belgium. From the Brussels Journal:
Last Wednesday Joe Van Holsbeeck, 17 years of age, was murdered in Brussels Central Station. He was stabbed five times in the heart by North African youths...

For an entire week the police, the authorities and most of the media have tried to downplay the fact that the killers are Muslim youths. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and Cardinal Godfried Danneels addressed the indignation, but gave it a spin of their own. How was it possible for such an atrocity to take place in a crowd with no-one interfering, they asked. Both Verhofstadt and Danneels said that Joe was a victim of “indifference in Belgian society.” “Where were you last Wednesday at 4 pm?!” the Cardinal asked the congration in Brussels Cathedral during his Easter sermon on Sunday. The Cardinal blamed the murder on the materialism and greed of Western society “where people get killed for an MP3 player.”

Belgian citizens realize, however, that the murder has nothing to do with “indifference in Belgian society,” but everything with a group of North African youths terrorizing Brussels and the “indifference” of the authorities to eradicate this scourge.
Political correctness kills. The despised white working class of England understands this simple message, and that's why the BNP will do so well on May 4th.


Blogger Tom Paine said...

You make a good point. I have linked to your post and commented on it on my own blog.

No nation can long survive the levels of political correctness that Britain - and many European neighbours - now endure. PC = lies. If people see their politicians lying, day after day; if they see their politicians condemn them for "racist" and "islamophobic" ideas that they have never held or heard of; if they see their politicians condone misconduct from favoured minorities that would never be tolerated from them, they will - they must - eventually revolt.

The British are not much for riots or street protests. Nor do their politicians take any notice of their occasional attempts in that direction (ask the Countryside Alliance). If our political leaders are to abandon PC and rejoin the mainstream, they will need a shock. I can understand that voters might feel supporting the BNP would be such a shock, but I think it would be a mistake. Something similar happened in Austria - where Hayder's party was used to rock the foundations of a smug and undemocratic system.

I wish I had a better idea to suggest.

9:31 am  
Blogger DFH said...

Thanks for the link Tom. I've responded in the comments at your blog.

12:04 pm  
Anonymous religion of pieces said...

We are all vermin and deserve to be exterminated. It's racist and Islamophobic to disagree. According to Muslim doctrine, all Kafirs (non-believers) are 'najis' (Arabic for 'filth' or 'vermin')

Take a look at


"108. The entire body of a Kafir, including his hair and nails, and all liquid substances of his body, are najis."

Muslims regard Kafirs as filth. Kafirs are vermin infesting Allah's earth. Muslims don't actually tell us that to our faces, but they certainly preach it in their mosques and madrassahs, and publish it on their websites.

The doctrine of 'najis Kafirs' confirms (if confirmation were needed) that Muslim hatred of unbelievers is intrinsic to their 'religion'. A Kafir doesn't need to DO anything to offend a Muslim, his very existence is enough of an affront.

1:19 am  

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