Friday, April 28, 2006

Whole Lotta Rosie

Here are a couple of Rosie Winterton's old speeches from her time as Parliamentary Secretary at the Lord Chancellor's Department.

March 20, 2002.
"Marriage Care - Launch of Relationship Education and Emotional Literacy Programme"

We all understand that, in healthcare, prevention is better than cure. What we must now seek to do is take the same understanding forward into all areas of work on marriage and relationship support. To work on fostering the welfare and well-being of relationships.
April 16, 2002.
"Moving Forward Together: A Proposed Strategy for Marriage and Relationship Support"

But too many people have little or no idea about relationship well being – what to do if their relationship gets into difficulty. Or, more importantly, how to secure a better chance of avoiding problems in the first place.
The above links lead to the Wayback archive because all of Winterton’s speeches from her time at the Lord Chancellor’s Department appear to have been removed from the Department for Constitutional Affairs website. I don’t know when they were taken down, but they were still available as recently as February 10. (Update. February 10 2005. Unlikely to have been pulled in the last few days then.)

In unrelated news:
With Westminster awash with rumours about Mr Prescott's private life, Labour MPs and ministers were said to be awaiting this Sunday's papers with trepidation.


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