Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two Three Four Five Shags?

We have a name, but not the one we've been expecting. The Sunday Times (link corrected) has a spoiler of the Mail on Sunday revelations (warning - strong stomach required):
In extracts of her diaries published today, Prescott’s diary secretary Tracey Temple claims she performed oral sex on the deputy prime minister in his Whitehall office.

She said he had also taken her back to his grace-and-favour flat at Admiralty House for sex immediately after the pair had attended an Iraq war memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral with the Queen.

Temple also claims she was driven around by government drivers late at night and said Prescott exploited his power for his own sexual gratification...

The encounters in the office tended to happen when the deputy prime minister was going through his ministerial boxes, she reveals. “Sometimes it was behind the desk — but mainly we stood behind the open door,” said Temple...

The paper also claims Prescott had sex with Temple in a Southampton hotel before going straight downstairs to meet his wife and that he had an affair 20 years ago with Labour parliamentary candidate Sarah Bissett-Scott.

Allegations are circulating on the internet that further mistresses will be exposed. Within Westminster circles, a junior Labour minister has been named as having an affair with Prescott
Further mistresses. Plural. And how will the Labour Sisters react to this item from the same Sunday Times article, headlined "Prescott was serial groper"?
A FORMER senior Labour aide has alleged that John Prescott sexually harassed her over a two-year period.

Tricia McDaid, a former political journalist and press officer at Labour party headquarters, said the deputy prime minister “jumped” on her at parties and once turned up uninvited at her home, hoping for sexual favours.
However, Prescott may still have some bargaining power:
McDaid also said that Prescott boasted he had a dossier of people in the Labour party who had slept with one another.
If true, this may help to explain Prescott's reason-defying influence within government. That dossier should be worth a bit to him, and judging by this report in the Sunday Telegraph he may need the money:
At the Prescott family home nearby, several bouquets of flowers arrived for Mrs Prescott, along with deliveries of a new carpet and bathroom furniture.
Anyway, it looks like the nasty fat bastard's political career will soon be over. Good fucking riddance.


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