Saturday, April 29, 2006

St George revisited

Simon Heffer reports the response to his St George column last week:
Few items I have written in this column have provoked such a reaction as my remarks on St George's Eve last week on the need for English self-government. I do hope those of you who wrote asking for a tax rebate, given the £10 billion annual subsidy that England pays to a Scotland that would otherwise want to be shot of it, will also make your views known to our Scottish Chancellor. My distress at the persecution of the English was compounded on St George's Day itself, when the morning service on Radio 4 came from Scotland and specifically concentrated on the identities of all nations in these islands - in other words, denying the English a right to have their own day to themselves. I then learnt from Private Eye, which also noted this affront, that, on the Sundays nearest the other three saints' days, acts of worship were broadcast from those parts of the kingdom, and specific to them. Do you have to declare a loathing of the English on your cv when seeking a job at the BBC, or can anyone apply?


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