Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A policeman's lot is not a happy one

Here's an interesting email from a British copper on Mark Steyn's website (scroll down):

I read your stuff all the time and am a big fan. You occasionally make reference to the Old Bill and for the most part accurately. The police have been dragged into the political arena by New Labour (Maggie at least had the decency to keep up some pretence of distance). The senior spots are reserved for the most pliable, New Labour types who spout diversity, commmunity policing, ID cards, ASBO's etc etc.

The poor guys on the ground are pulled from pillar to post, accused regularly of racism institutional or otherwise, forced to investigate so-called hate crimes, and left to face the music. I've been a London cop for 24 yrs. I used to be proud of it. No longer. Multiculty liberals have brought about a general withdrawal from the streets. Flag burning jihadis do pretty much whatever they like. We're wasting taxpayers’ money investigating crimes that shouldn't be crimes, and crimes that should have been dealt with firmly but for the yellow crescent of cowardice in our leaders, such as at the demos about Danish cartoons.

So a guy got shot by mistake at Stockwell tube in July. The operation was headed by officers with no recent street experience. I know that given the same judgement call, I and lots like me who make judgement calls every day would have called it differently. Anyway, in France they average one mistaken shooting by police a month. In Brazil, where the unfortunate chap came from, they haven't got time to count the bodies, they're too busy grafting and shooting.

I agree with you. I want to be on the winning side for Blair's "papers’ please" society will lose. England’s not done for yet Mark, but we're getting there.

And the writer of this letter is not alone. An online police forum and various police bloggers recently googlebombed “soft on crime” with links to the Labour Party's homepage. No wonder the powers that be don't like coppers' blogs.

Footnote. Even though all the links for the above googlebomb point directly to the homepage, Google’s top listing has now changed to this Labour Party webpage attacking the LibDem’s crime policies:

However, if you do the same search at, the Labour homepage is still up at the top of the listings:

The BBC’s web search also returns the Labour homepage, even though it uses the Google search engine:

So, how does it all work then? Is there a way to fool googlebombs, and if so why doesn't the BBC website reflect this? I'm sure there's a simple explanation. I mean, Google wouldn't change its own listings in deference to a country's ruling party, would it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Googlebombs work on the basis of setting up links on other websites that link back to the target site using the selected text. One way to undermine this is to do another Googlebomb which links to a different page. The two bombs will compete and one will win.

There is a lot of conjecture about how Google's algorithm works but basically, more links equals higher ranking.

12:19 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

That doesn't explain why the other googlebomb appears to have vanished. If Labour have done their own then surely the original should be second in the rankings. And the BBC's search engine, which I believe is Google-based, still gives pride of place to the police's efforts. If anyone can offer a fuller explanation I'd be grateful.

1:00 pm  

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