Friday, April 07, 2006

Peter Oborne on the Blair/Cameron meeting

From the Spectator:
In 15 years of covering domestic politics I have never reported on anything half as sordid as Tuesday’s meeting between Tony Blair and David Cameron in the Prime Minister’s L-shaped Commons office. Afterwards David Cameron took it upon himself to issue the standard Blairite defence of the recent scandals: ‘We have a relatively uncorrupt party system but we do have a party funding system that is in a mess.’ Charlie Falconer, the Prime Minister’s chief apologist during the funding scandal, couldn’t have put it better...

This wasn’t an attempt to make British politics cleaner. It was another stitch-up...

So Tuesday’s Cameron–Blair meeting — moved from Downing Street at a late stage — was naturally furtive. The seclusion of the meeting-place, well out of the range of press or cameras, was an implicit acknowledgment of a dirty secret. The old forms of democracy have failed and been replaced by a political cartel which both Cameron and Blair have chosen to embody: manipulative, deceitful, self-interested and ideologically empty. The old self-financing mass parties have collapsed and gradually been replaced by externally funded elite factional groupings. New Labour is the most advanced model to have emerged in Britain to date, though David Cameron is seeking to emulate and doubtless to improve on it.
What a choice we'll have at the next election - Gordon Brown or the new Tony Blair.

And while I'm on the topic of Cameron, there was quite an amusing letter about his attack on UKIP in yesterday's Telegraph. It's just a shame the correspondent didn't sign himself "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells":
Sir - Perhaps the greatest collection of political fruitcakes and loonies are those members of the Tory party who elected a closet socialist as their leader.
Edward Jackson, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx


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