Thursday, April 13, 2006

Iran targets Hirsi Ali

The speakers of parliaments belonging to the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) have been having a little get-together in Istanbul over the past couple of days. The Iranian representative Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel has taken the opportunity to stir up some Muslim outrage with a letter to the general secretary of the conference:
"Following the publication of defamatory cartoons in the newspapers of Denmark and some other European countries which have hurt the feelings of Muslims across the globe, we have heard that Ms. Ayan Hirsi Ali, a Member of Parliament of the Netherlands is busy making a movie titled "Submission 2" with an anti-Islamic theme."

"I deem it necessary to request Your Excellency, as the Secretary General of Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States to inform the honorable speakers of Parliaments of Islamic States of the matter and ensure that appropriate measures are taken by the member parliaments to deal with that. The General Secretariat of PUIC, too, is requested to react to this matter by having it raised in other international parliamentary institutions," said the letter.

The General Secretary of the PUIC read the letter in the Executive Committee of the Conference on Tuesday and it was agreed that the issue should be placed on the agenda of the OIC summit which is to kick off on Wednesday in Istanbul.
I think “kick off” is particularly appropriate. I bet they’re already distributing the Dutch flags throughout the Middle East (a box of Allah's Flame matches free with every purchase).

Of course, Holland has nothing to worry about with Jan Schoonenboom on its side.


Blogger Clematis Fraud said...

It must be appalling for these bearded maniacs to witness one of their (erstwhile) own mount attack after attack on their belief-system; that she is a mere woman must double their pain.

I hope Ayaan Hirsi Ali is safely tucked up, out of harm's way. I wonder whose side the media will take?

9:51 pm  
Anonymous Eric said...

Hirsi Ali is brave indeed, but an obvious target. Hope she has the protection she deserves.

11:23 pm  

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