Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Intelligent Mr Webb

There’s a gem from Justin Webb over at Biased BBC:
“...right-wing people tend to watch Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, intelligent people tend to not bother with the telly at all, and young people get their news from the internet where they get it at all.”
The BBC world-view - only left-wingers are intelligent.


Anonymous andy said...

So what you are suggesting is that no-one watches the BBC at all if: 'only left-wingers are intelligent' and 'intelligent people tend not to bother with the tellly at all'.

BBC bashing always makes me laugh as right and left wingers alike play the same game. When both ends of the political spectrum level the same criticism then it has always seemed to me that the BBC gets the balance about right - much of the time.

And I don't think you can argue the point that the target audience for Fox is the right wing - but I think they are talking further right than Cameron and Crew.

10:46 am  
Blogger DFH said...

So what you are suggesting is that no-one watches the BBC at all if: 'only left-wingers are intelligent' and 'intelligent people tend not to bother with the tellly at all'.

No, that's what Justin Webb is suggesting.

Do you think a BBC reporter would ever say "Left-wing people tend to read the Guardian, intelligent people get their news from elsewhere"? Wouldn't happen, would it?

I note from your blog that you think "Bush and the New World Order" will try to secure an unconstitutional third term in office, possibly through staging "another terrorist outrage on US soil." I find it interesting that someone who believes that thinks the BBC is not biased.

11:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just out interest Andy.

The BBC employs several Socialist Worker Party members including Mark Steele and Jeremy Hardy. It would not be unreasonable to assert that the SWP inhabits the extreme left end of the spectrum. Mark Steele was recently employ to present a TV programme wherein he eulogised about Che Guervara. Two questions:

1. Where is the balancing programme to show another (arguably true) narrative about Che Guervara?
2. Where is the balancing presenter on the extreme right?

11:34 am  
Anonymous andy said...

Anonymous: I'm going to dig my own grave now ;) but the truth is that I watch very little TV as most of it is so appalling. I watch BBC News24 whilst I eat my lunch and usually end up hurling abuse at the screen - because of the content that is. See - I am saddened at the loss of ITN news which was more content balanced. So I can't answer your question directly but I believe that the bulk of the BBC represents a wide arc of centre ground. It is not 'extreme' in the way that 'Fox is 'extreme'.

The point I was making is that every government I can remember since the fall of Macmillan has complained about BBC bias. From Wilson to Thatcher, from Major to Blair. It's been a top political parlour game for years. Unless the BBC swings from one end to another with every government change then they can't both be right.

DFH: I'd have to check but I don't believe I said that I 'think' that will happen only that it wouldn't surprise me. But I am failing to see any connection between that view and the view that the BBC is biased.

12:33 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

You're quite right, it wouldn't surprise you.

5:50 pm  

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