Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Have you seen these men?

Three more people the authorities let get away.

From the Guardian:
Scotland Yard was today forced to issue a public appeal for help in tracking down protesters it filmed during a demonstration against satirical cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

The Metropolitan police said they were still trying to trace three men who took part in the demonstration outside the Danish embassy on February 3.

During the protest, placards were paraded demanding the "massacre" of "those who insult Islam".

In the days following the demonstration, the police faced fierce criticism for not arresting demonstrators on the spot. They instead took video footage of the demonstration and said "arrests, if necessary, would be made at the appropriate time".

A Met spokesman said the men were "wanted in connection with serious public order offences which we believe may have been committed during the protest"...

At the time, police had said they did not want to inflame the situation.
Memo from the Department of the Bleedin' Obvious - If you had arrested them at the time you wouldn't be asking where they are now.

(What are the odds that at least one of these men should've been deported long ago but was released by the Home Office instead?)

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