Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dutch courage

In a stunning example of the grotesque moral relativism that pervades the sick mindset of western dhimmi appeasers, an ‘independent’ Dutch think-tank is calling on the Netherlands’ government to forge closer ties with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood and distance itself from western allies. Jan Schoonenboom of the Scientific Council for Government Policy also recommends that the Dutch should embrace aspects of Islamic law instead of being “so spastic about the Sharia”.

He concludes: “Do we want to go on living in a land that is plagued by fear of attacks? A cultural change is needed here.”

Two words Mr Schoonenboom - Fuck and Off.

News reports at NIS and Expatica. More comment at Peaktalk, LGF, Dhimmi Watch, and the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.


Blogger Charles Martel said...

looks like he's following a long standing tradition of siding with the enemy amongst some Dutch people:

Netherlands S.S. Legion - wikipedia entry

3:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile at home in the Netherlands ...

Westerbork became the main transit camp for the deportations. Commanded until September 1942 by Sturmbannführer Deppner, the camp was subsequently under the command of Obersturmführer Dischner and finally, from the end of 1942 until 1944 that of Obersturmführer Gemmeker. The first commandant of Vught, which was known officially as KL Herzogenbusch and had originally been established as a Schutzhaftlager for Dutch political prisoners, was Hauptsturmführer Chmielewski. He was succeeded in turn by SS-Sturmbannführer Adam Grünewald and SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Hüttig. With the exception of two transports which went directly to Auschwitz, trains from Vught were directed via Westerbork. In view of police shortages, security for both camps was provided by members of the Dutch SS Guard Battalion Northwest. From 6 August 1942 a Dutch police battalion commanded by Sybren Tulp was deployed to seize Jews in Amsterdam. To a great extent, the German scheme for the annihilation of the Jews was aided by the cooperation of Dutch citizens; with few exceptions, the municipal administration, the railway workers and the police all contributed towards the roundups and deportations.

10:18 pm  

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