Friday, April 21, 2006

BBC and Schoonenboom

A week and half after the blogosphere dealt with it the BBC has an article on Jan Schoonenboom and the Scientific Council for Government Policy’s report on Islam for the Dutch government.

Islamic affairs analyst Roger Hardy claims the report “has sparked controversy by arguing that Islam does not conflict with either human rights or Dutch values.” No, that would be pretty standard fare - wrong, but standard fare nonetheless. What’s really sparked controversy has been Schoonenboom’s desire to see the Netherlands embrace elements of Sharia and his call for a cultural change on the part of the Dutch so that Muslims won’t feel so inclined to kill them in future.

If “Islam does not conflict with either human rights or Dutch values”, why did Schoonenboom feel the need to say “Do we want to go on living in a land that is plagued by fear of attacks? A cultural change is needed here”? None of this is in Hardy’s article, and I don’t think it’s because he’s not aware - someone from the BBC arrived at my blog yesterday having googled “Jan Schoonenboom” and I bet it wasn’t Terry Wogan.


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