Monday, April 10, 2006

Are you free on April 29th?

If so, the Rochdale Islamic Re-enactment Society could do with your help.


Blogger Lizze said...

"need some people to play the parts of the crowd"

No need for a your own opnion really, just do as your are told

10:26 pm  
Anonymous Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Before this blessed event takes place we have the opportunity to celebrate the Prophet's birthday this week.

As you are all aware, our beloved prophet was very fond of children. So why not celebrate his birthday by spending some time with your kids?

May I suggest you amuse them with THIGHO, a halal replacement for LEGO.

Since the publication of the blasphemous cartoons, it has become the duty of every Muslim parent to prevent their children playing with the accursed Danish LEGO blocks (may Allah send his gremjinns into their factory so that they may be produced misshapen and fail to fit in to one another.)

Khomeini Childcare Enterprises has therefore launched a new amusing pastime for Dads and kids, to be marketed as THIGHO (known as Mufa’khathat in Arabic - but our publicity department said this wasn't catchy enough for the English-speaking market).

For reviews of THIGHO see

THIGHO familiarises children with how things fit together. Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (pbuh - Priapic Babysitter with Unusual Habits) played THIGHO with Ayesha when she was aged between 6 to 9.

But beware, if you let your children play with the damnable Kaffir LEGO, they could construct abominations like this...

Mufa’khathat makes for happy Muslim families

- Allahu Akhbar
Ayatollah Khomeini
CEO Khomeini Childcare

10:17 am  

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