Sunday, March 19, 2006

Welsh Culture in Chaos!

From BBC News
Culture Minister Alun Pugh has been urged to ask the chair of the Arts Council of Wales to stay in the job, despite a dispute between them...

Mr Talfan Davies, a former BBC Wales controller, has claimed he was effectively sacked because he was not automatically reappointed by Culture Minister Alun Pugh after his first three years in the post.

That term ends this month and Mr Talfan Davies refused to go through what he called the "charade" of reapplying.
"I didn't have to go through all this accountability bullshit when I was at the BBC, I can tell you!"
Plaid Cymru AM Owen John Thomas said: "There'll be nobody at the helm in the arts council when the review starts. On top of that the minister has just gone off to the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and there'll be nobody here.
Welsh culture will be devoid of political and bureaucratic guidance for a little while. What will artists do? Can Wales survive? It's only a matter of time before walls start crumbling...


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