Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spot the missing nationality

BBC News

(Via Not Proud of Britain)

. I've just had a quick read through the Office for National Statistics paper 2011 Census: Assessment of initial user requirements on content for England and Wales (pdf). Under the heading Ethnicity and National Identity, ‘British‘, ‘Welsh’ and even ‘Cornish’ get a mention, but the word 'English' does not appear once. In fact, it only appears in the document in relation to language proficiency, and even then questions relating to the Welsh language are given pre-eminence. On language proficiency, the ONS has concluded that Welsh will remain a topic for analysis in the 2011 census whilst English will be kept off, even though it received a higher requirement score in the assessment (Welsh 71, English 76).

One more thing - the assessment paper says 500 users were consulted but doesn’t list them. This isn't good enough, especially from our national statistics body.

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Blogger Charles Martel said...

i'm Irish - and i can never understand this constant hiding of the "English" identity in Britain.

why is that? why are the political elites in Britain so self-loathing that they dare not mention the "English"? Beats me. I cant figure it out.

9:46 pm  
Blogger Clematis Fraud said...

Do you, like me, get the impression that someone is taking the piss?

10:08 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Do you, like me, get the impression that someone is taking the piss?

That was my first thought. Whatever's going on, it's too blatant to be an oversight. There must be more to it than the liberal self-loathing to which Charles refers.

10:23 pm  
Blogger Clematis Fraud said...

Joy Dobbs at the ONS might have to face a question or two in the coming weeks.

10:41 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

this has story has just been blogposted on Biased BBC. the more coverage this gets, the sooner we can get an answer for this, quite frankly , bizarre state of affairs.

i mean - there ARE actually English people who dont consider themselves British - want nothing to do with the Union and all that. Georges Cross , proud of England itself , yadda yadda yadda. and why not?

11:01 pm  
Blogger Toque said...

Sign up

2:12 am  
Anonymous Rob said...

Good post, DFH. I nicked your screenshot for a post of my own.

12:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English has been added.

the ONS had mentioned "English" in their press conference - but the BBC decided to leave that one out.

comment left by "Pete_London" at 12:35pm on biased bbc:

In my meek, humble way I take claim responsibility for getting English into the first paragragh.

The next sentence mentions Joy Dobbs of the ONS. I rang her to point out the absurdity of excluding 'English' from the census forms (which shall, of course, be disfigured by red ink).

Well Joy Dobbs tells me that during the press briefing from where the BBC got that quote she did mention 'English'! She finished by saying that she'll get onto the BBC and get the quote changed.

The BBC - always ready and willing to misrepresent.

1:33 pm  

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