Thursday, March 09, 2006


I just read this on the March For Free Expression website and it made me feel ill:
We had hoped it would be self-evident that organisations endorsing this campaign are not as a consequence endorsing each other. They have many differences and are agreeing only on the principle of freedom of expression.

But we knew the habit of political conflict can be irresistible. Blogs and journals of the left have been commenting on the fact that some of their number have offered their support to this campaign and, thereby, found themselves sharing a platform with people with whom they disagree about politics more generally.

As a consequence, Alan Johnson of Democratiya has decided to withdraw his support from our campaign.
We want to thank him for his input and to wish him well. We would have loved to have him as a speaker. Any campaign would benefit from his involvement, so we regret his decision but refuse to make this movement favour any particular political standpoint.
Good grief.

March for Free Expression
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