Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sco££ish Parliament Building

Here’s the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, George Reid MSP, waxing lyrical about the Parliament building in last Saturday’s Scotsman:
Marvel for a moment at how, in such a complex construction, its integrity of design is ensured through the use of only a few materials - oak and sycamore, Kemnay granite and Caithness flags, stainless steel and brushed concrete...Take in the extraordinary timbered ceiling, a gentle reminder of the magnificent hammer-beamed roof in Old Parliament Hall. And appreciate that this place really does sit in the land and history of Scotland, the Palace of Holyroodhouse framed in one window, and the long Radical Road climbing up the crags in the others.
Marvel for a moment at how a building that was ten times over budget and three years late can be falling to bits already:
Proceedings at the Scottish Parliament have been suspended after a beam became loose in the debating chamber. MSPs have been told a structural engineer has been called in to advise on the state of the ceiling structure in the £430m building.
Not to worry though:
“Hello, is that you Gordon? Could you send us up some more of that English money, we’ve a wee problem with the roof...”


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