Thursday, March 23, 2006

Re MAC's anti-free speech protests

On March 16th the Muslim Action Committee, an umbrella organisation of “over 400 Islamic Scholars of the United Kingdom” representing nearly 200 affiliate groups, announced that it would be holding demonstrations in 31 towns and cities to protest against the March for Free Expression taking place at Trafalgar Square this Saturday.

These ambitious plans have now been revised a little. According to the MAC blog, “after extensive discussions between the Ulema (Religious Scholars and Imams)” there will now be just the one demo in Birmingham “Allah willing”. Various excuses are given.


The March for Free Expression is still taking place as planned this Saturday, March 25th, Trafalgar Square, 2pm-4pm. Speakers will include Sean Gabb, Director, Libertarian Alliance; Evan Harris, MP, Lib Dem human rights spokesman; Maryam Namazie, Broadcaster & Human Rights Campaigner; Keith Porteous Wood, National Secular Society; Sayyida Rend Shakir al-Hadithi; Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner; Mark Wallace, The Freedom Association. Get along.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh who is laughing now that MAC has ruined yout islamophobeathon

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