Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pot Calls Kettle Black

From the Guardian:

The Scottish secretary, Alistair Darling, accused Tories of "naked opportunism" as he came under fresh pressure over the so-called West Lothian question - why Scottish MPs should be able to vote on purely English issues but English MPs cannot do the same on Scottish issues under devolution. He insisted limiting the right of MPs to vote on legislation not affecting their constituency would create a "two tier" system of Commons membership. Tory Peter Bone protested: "The only reason that proposals have not been brought forward to change this anomaly is that it would be against the government's electoral advantage."
This from the party relying on Scottish votes to pass English legislation.

(For those readers unfamiliar with Alistair Darling, he is a twat.)


Blogger Squander Two said...

I don't have a lot of time for the Lib Dems, but Ming Campbell, I think, is right when he says that the real question isn't the West Lothian one, but the East Devon one. Although Westminster chooses not to exercise it, it does still have the power to overrule the Scottish Executive (apparently), so English MPs do have power over Scotland, just as Scots MPs have power over England. The real problem is that English people don't have the same amount of democratic representation as the Scots. Or something.

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