Friday, March 03, 2006

Operation Laverda

J from Justify This and the Infidel Bloggers Alliance took this picture on the corner of Baker Street and Portman Square yesterday.

“Were you present and affected by the demo?” Has someone hurt your feelings? Are you a bit upset about stuff? Call the Metropolitan Police, they’re there to care. It doesn’t matter that people were inciting murder - Sir Ian Blair’s force isn’t interested unless someone’s been "affected” in some vague way.

“Did you see or hear anything?” Why not ask these two blokes with the big blue hats on?

And what a shame this policewoman stopped the press taking photos of the demonstrators (well, the poor terrorist-supporting dears probably felt “affected” by it).

The Met may as well put up signs saying “We haven’t got a fucking clue, us”. Here's a thought - stop wasting time, energy and money on pissy little PR stunts designed to show how much you “care”, and get hold of some footage of the demonstrations instead. The TV studios should have some - ask Sir Ian Blair for directions, he knows the way. If that’s too much like hard work then check out the video at Justify This (see above for link) - plenty to be going on with there.

Finally, I don’t know why they named the operation after an Italian motorbike, but it’s a good excuse to show this picture of a fit bird on a Laverda SFC 1000 to cheer myself up a bit:


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