Thursday, March 30, 2006

NuTories help pass ID cards

From the Guardian:
Identity cards will be compulsory for new passport holders from 2010 after votes in the Lords and Commons last night which ended the tortuous and bitter legislative wrangle between the two houses.

Citizens who apply for new or renewed passports before January 1 2010 will have their names put on the new national identity register establishing the scheme, but will not be required to accept an ID card until that date. But last night's deal could pave the way for the cards to be made compulsory from 2010 for all citizens.
Spy Blog notes the way MPs voted:
Most Conservatives abstained, but 24 of them including their Home Affairs front bench spokesmen David Davis, Edward Garnier and Patrick Mercer voted with the Labour Government. Only 8 Conservatives voted against the motion with the Liberal Democrats.

It seems that David Cameron's NuTories cannot be trusted on civil liberties issues any more than Michael Howard's Tories could be.

Why are they collaborating with NuLabour ?

What does this mean for other vital votes such as the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill?
It doesn't look good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

4 Years is a long time to plan an emigration.

Rob Read.

10:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DFH: "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill?"

They will get it.

Then we will get it!

Gone is the rule of law, the law will change underfoot without warning. Living in the UK will be a bit like walking through a marsh, at any minute you can find yourself knee deep in stinking slime. And, thanks to the precident of the war crimes bill (i think) and built on by Gordon Browns predeliction to pass retrospective measures, you might well find yourself being accused of a crime in 2010 which when you committed the act in 2006 was not illegal.

It is all so depressing.

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Peter Spence said...

Get out, get out now. You have time to find another country - and there are many - in which individuals are still free. You have two alternatives: accept what's going to happen or leave. There are no other choices.

1:27 am  

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