Thursday, March 09, 2006

Missing nationality found!

Original -

Update -

BBC News (Note the time is still the same)

I am grateful to the person who left a comment pointing me towards this post over at Biased BBC:
In my meek, humble way I take claim responsibility for getting English into the first paragragh.

The next sentence mentions Joy Dobbs of the ONS. I rang her to point out the absurdity of excluding 'English' from the census forms (which shall, of course, be disfigured by red ink).

Well Joy Dobbs tells me that during the press briefing from where the BBC got that quote she did mention 'English'! She finished by saying that she'll get onto the BBC and get the quote changed.

The BBC - always ready and willing to misrepresent

Pete_London | 09.03.06 - 12:35 pm |
Well done Pete!

However, I noted earlier that the word "English" is also absent from Ms Dobb's assessment paper. She can't blame the BBC for that.


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