Monday, March 06, 2006

Gordon on England

Gareth at CEP has a transcript of Gordon Brown's stumbling response to questions about England's democratic deficit on the Politics Show yesterday.
Jon Sopel: When you become Prime Minister most of the legislation concerning schools, concerning the health service, will not affect your constituents in Kircaldy.

Gordon Brown: But, but, we are a union, err, err, I don't think there can be any constitutional, or other, barrier on any person from the United Kingdom becoming the prime minister of the United Kingdom, whether it affects me or anybody else. Because we are part of a union, devolution is within the union of the United Kingdom, and the idea you have second class citizens in one area of the United Kingdom as against another would be unacceptable to most people who think about the future of the United Kingdom.
Unless the voters are in England, in which case it's perfectly acceptable that they're second class citizens.

Read it all.


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