Friday, March 24, 2006

Free Abdul Rahman

From the Australian:
PRIME Minister John Howard will personally protest to the Afghanistan Government over the prosecution of a man who faces possible execution for converting from Islam to Christianity...

"I am going to personally protest again to the president of Afghanistan," he told Southern Cross radio.

"This is appalling. When I saw the report about this I felt sick literally.

"We are putting the lives of Australian soldiers on the line. This is outrageous. The idea that a person could be punished because of their religious belief and the idea they might be executed is just beyond belief.

"I am very unhappy about it."
Islamic clerics have said local people will tear the man to pieces if the Government bows to western pressure.

"I don't want friends like that. Whoever said that is no friend of Australia," Mr Howard said.
The US, Germany, Italy, Canada and Australia all have troops in Afghanistan and all have condemned the threat to Abdul Rahman’s life.

Tony Blair? Nothing. Jack Straw? Nothing.


Blogger Grumpy Troll said...

What did you expect from Jack Straw since he virtually declared himself a dhimmi when he took position against the republication of the Muhammad cartoons? One could apply his comments on the cartoons' republication to the case of Abdul Rahman.

"There is freedom of [religion], we all respect that, but there is not any obligation to insult or to be gratuitously inflammatory.

"I believe that the [conversion to Christianity] has been unnecessary, it has been insensitive, it has been disrespectful and it has been wrong.

"There are taboos in every religion. We have to be very careful about showing the proper respect in this situation."

1:06 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

About Jack Straw and "taboos in every religion"...The key word is IN. What Islam forbids does not apply to me because I am not a Muslim.

Is Straw married? Is his wife wearing clothing acceptable to Muslims?

I am sick of these freedom-oppressors, aka Muslims.

1:27 pm  
Anonymous PAB said...

This was on BBC News:

""The Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back," says Ansarullah Mawlafizada, the trial judge.

"Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, than we will forgive him," he told the BBC News website. "

Anyone spot the contradictions here

3:24 pm  

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