Wednesday, March 08, 2006


From the Daily Telegraph:
A minister has been told he needs to pay £75 to put a wooden cross up outside his church because it constitutes an advertisement.

Paul Nzacahayo was keen to erect a cross outside the Dudley Wood Methodist Church in the West Midlands, which is being converted from an old school building.

When he approached Dudley council about planning permission, he was told that under current legislation a cross was an advert for the Christian faith and so needed to be paid for.
Meanwhile, as this recent letter to the local paper reveals, plans for a huge mosque in the town are going ahead:
I would like to congratulate Mr Simon Darby the BNP candidate for Dudley. It was reported not long ago that Mr Darby was trying to cause unrest and trouble by reporting in one of his news letters that the so-called Pride of Dudley (the mosque) was due to be resurrected, the accusations were from the Conservative leader of the council.

Well it just so happens, as reported in this paper and in the letters section, that Mr Darby was spot on. Not only has the project been resurrected, but work is about to start on clearing the site for construction.
When some West Midlands Conservative councillors are conspiring to keep the public in the dark about highly controversial building plans, and another is arrested for pimping, it’s not hard to see why the above letter writer thinks voters will turn to the BNP.


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