Monday, March 27, 2006

Civilisational Confidence

Mark Steyn's latest Sun Times column deals with the "civilizational confidence" needed over issues such as the case of Abdul Rahman:
At some point we have to face down a culture in which not only the mob in the street but the highest judges and academics talk like crazies.
Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like Steyn. Here's a report from the theological news source Ekklesia:
Around a thousand Muslims in northern Afghanistan have protested publicly against a decision to dismiss the death penalty case against a man who converted to Christianity 16 years ago in another country...

Chanting “Death to Bush!”, they warned the international community to keep off the case. Condoleezza Rice and other US government representatives had condemned the trial, in a move which some church and human rights activists privately felt was foolish – since it reinforced the idea that Christianity is a western religion and a front for America.

These pathetic, cringing “activists” would rather see Abdul Rahman die than back an American call for his release. It's beyond my comprehension.

And over on the Guardian's blog Faisal Bodi, news editor of the Islam Channel, says it would be a mistake to execute Rahman because that would be bad PR for Islam.
Sending Abdul Rahman to the gallows would indict Islam on a charge of which it is wholly innocent
Yeah, it wouldn't be great news for Rahman either. Bodi thinks that the "turncoat" Rahman should just learn to keep his mouth shut:
So long as his change of heart remains a private matter, he should be left alone to practise his new-found faith.
I think this is what is known as moderate Muslim opinion.


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