Friday, March 31, 2006


From Black Information Link (Blink) (via the Pub Philosopher):
A sea of white faces

FREEDOM FOR WHO? That was the question being asked after an all-white 'Freedom March' took place in London.
Oh really, that's the question being asked is it? Well, here's another question that's now being asked - where were all the non-Muslims at the anti-free expression protest?

Yes, most people at Trafalgar Square were white (over 90% of the population is that colour, after all), but compared with the event in Birmingham the free expression rally was a model of multicultural integration.

Trafalgar Square, London

Here's Labi Siffre defending free expression at the "all-white" march. I guess he's not black enough for Blink:

Victoria Square, Birmingham

The wide cross-section of speakers:

(Thanks to Nordish, Michael Fuchs and Hugh Watkins for the pics)


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