Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Abdul Rahman

BBC News:
The US and three Nato allies have expressed concern over reports that a Muslim convert to Christianity could face the death penalty in Afghanistan.

Abdul Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and could be executed under Sharia law unless he reconverts.

The US made a subdued appeal for him to be allowed to practise his faith - but stressed it did not want to interfere.

Germany, Italy and Canada
, which all have troops in Afghanistan, also voiced concern over Mr Rahman's plight.
I notice one prominent Nato ally with particular interest in Afghan affairs is yet to say anything. Why the silence from Britain? Is Jack Straw scared of upsetting his Muslim constituents in Blackburn, perhaps?

An Anglican archdeadon resigned as editor of the official Church in Wales magazine yesterday after reprinting a cartoon caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed from the French newspaper France Soir.

The Ven Meurig Llwyd Williams, the Archdeacon of Bangor, quit after the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, apologised to the Muslim Council of Wales.

Dr Morgan also appealed to the 500 subscribers to the Welsh language magazine Y Llan - meaning "Church" - to return all copies to be pulped.

He said publishing the cartoon, to illustrate an article about the shared ancestry of Christianity and Islam, was "a gross error of judgment"

A press release highlighting the grovelling apology is available on the Church in Wales website, but there is no comment on the proposed death sentence for a Christian convert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"return all copies to be pulped"

A nice touch, something like this seemed to happen in a book I once read can't quite remeber the title think it was a load of numbers possibly a date.


8:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is It Celcius 233?

Rob "Imperial" Read.

11:26 pm  

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