Thursday, March 16, 2006

1001 Inventions - the book

The Muslim Heritage in Our World Exhibition, fisked by me and others here, here, and here (hat tip Charles Martel) also has a book spin-off. Aljazeera was there for the launch:

Pictured are Professor Salim Al-Hassani, Adam Hart-Davis, Elizabeth Woodcock and Dr.Rabah Saoud. I don't know much about the Professor and the Doctor, but the other two are interesting.

Hart-Davis (the white guy in the ethnic shirt) is quite famous in Britian as a science presenter on various BBC TV shows. Here's what he thinks of this exercise in Islamic propaganda:
"This glorious book overflows with the great ideas of the Muslim middle ages... I wish I had had this book fifty years ago."
BBC presenter, Islamic propaganda - no great surprise there.

Elizabeth Woodcock, who helped compile the book with Dr Saoud, is a bit more, um... unexpected. If she looks vaguely familiar it's because she was a contestant on Big Brother 2, where her highlight was "Getting naked in a hot tub with Amma and Helen on her birthday." Guess what? I've found pics!

(More here - with added beaver!)

She followed her appearance on Big Brother with some video diaries for the BBC. Included in these was an account of a stay at an old fortress which she said was "definitely haunted".

A media whore who likes getting her kit off and believes in ghosts. Just the person to write a comprehensive guide on Muslim heritage, then!


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You only just found 'Robbs Celebs' thats been in my favourites for years :)

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