Monday, February 20, 2006

Stage Your Own Cartoon Demo

Feeling left out of the anti-cartoon protests? Want to get involved but don't know how? Fear not! With Drinking From Home's easy-to-follow guide you too could soon be raging hysterically against the western infidels!

You will need -
A copy of the Koran to show photographers.

A couple of effigies.

A child with a slogan on its head.

Some donkeys.

A ginger beard.

An embassy or two to attack.

And of course flags - lots and lots of flags. For burning...

...or putting your shoes and footprints on...
...or both.

Remember to -

Demand respect...

...celebrate terrorism...

...and threaten death.

If you follow these simple guidelines your demonstration should be a great success. Now get out there and join the worldwide struggle against freedom of expression!

And good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Respect Denmark!

Lets burn a Lego Mosque!

11:55 am  

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