Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslims Call For Special Law

The Scotsman:
Muslim scholars holding emergency talks called for a change in the law to stop insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published.
Let me put this as gently as I can. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING MUSLIM COUNTRY!
Officials from the Muslim Action Committee (MAC) meeting in Birmingham also called for the Press Complaints Commission code to be tightened to restrict British newspapers from following European media in printing the caricatures.

A protest march from Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park on February 18 involving around 50,000 Muslims would be staged, Shaikh Faiz Saddiqi (*), spokesman for the MAC, said.
According to radio reports on BBC Five Live, the Muslim Action Committee is an umbrella organisation with representatives from hundreds of mosques and other organisations including the widely-banned Hizb ut-Tahir.

(*)Unless there are two of these guys with similar names I'm sure the correct spelling is Faiz Siddiqi. And I notice he has now been given the title of Shaikh in both the above report and the BBC's, although that could stem from a mistake by an agency. For more on Siddiqi see Scott Burgess.


Blogger Lizze said...

Too damn gentle but I agree with your statement!!

7:44 pm  
Anonymous TAoL said...

..."a change in the law to stop insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published".

I think what this really means is:

..."a change in the law to stop any pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published".

I have little doubt that any picture of Mo would be "insulting" to these "Muslim scholars".

Either way, they can just fuck off.

8:07 pm  
Blogger Geordie said...

"Either was they can just fuck off"


The only newpaper in the entire c(o)untry that's published these cartoons, gair rhydd, has been forced to give a *whole page* in next week's issue to the uni Islamic society for their response. Naturally, it's full of the usual shite about 'you can't insult someone's religion'. Yet none of them can give a satisfactory answer as to why that should be the case.



10:52 am  

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