Thursday, February 02, 2006

Murdoch and the Cartoons

Will Rupert Murdoch’s media show the cartoons? Don’t count on it. Remember this?
Fox News was ordered to alter its coverage of the riots in France after a Saudi prince with shares in its parent company News Corporation complained to Rupert Murdoch.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul aziz Al-Saud told a conference in Dubai he had telephoned Mr Murdoch after seeing a strapline on the news channel describing the disturbances as "Muslim riots".

"I picked up the phone and called Murdoch and said that I was speaking not as a shareholder, but as a viewer of Fox. I said that these are not Muslim riots, they are riots," Campaign Middle East magazine quoted the prince as saying.

"He investigated the matter and called Fox and within half an hour it was changed from 'Muslim riots' to 'civil riots'."

The prince said his intervention had been an example of how Muslim people can change the portrayal of their religion in the western media - although few Fox viewers will have his contacts.


Blogger John Sobieski said...

Fox News did show them tonight in the US. The newscaster treated them as a 'those crazy muslims' soundbite and most of the images with the turbanbomb show large and individually and others a a group.

1:55 am  

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