Friday, February 24, 2006

Martin Rowson & Steve Bell

Here’s a sound we’ve become all too familiar with over the past few weeks - the whine of the hypocritical left. Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson interviewed at Ohmy News:
Would you have published the cartoons?

I wouldn't have published or drawn these cartoons because Muslims are powerless.


Would you have published them, if the Muslims were not "powerless"?

If they had been in a position of power, I would.

But don't Muslims have a considerable amount of power in the U.K.?

No, because in my mind, it is a mental juggling act. To issue those cartoons in this country would be attacking a vulnerable minority group, they are poor, they are powerless.
I think you'll find the only mental juggling act is going on inside Rowson’s head as he tries to justify his double standards.

Well, don't you think Muslims have also used the power of their religion?

What has happened in the Muslim community is that they are using religion as a method of defense from the disadvantages they suffer because they live in a racist country here in the UK and they want their dignity back.
For a bunch of powerless victims they did a pretty good job of terrifying the British press into censorship.
The Danish cartoons were saying: "Islam is terrorism."
Er, no they weren’t. They were saying that there are Islamic terrorists.
Do you have the right to insult people's faiths just because of freedom of speech?

Yes, because I believe religion is an artificial human construction and it does not have any special feature to make it immune. There should be no no-go area.
Ha! He really is full of shit, isn’t he?

Rowson repeats his "poor and powerless Muslims" argument in today’s Washington Post, where that other fearless Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell also offers his views (hat tip The Mid-Atlantic Blog):
But even as a believer in harsh political satire, Bell said, he would not have drawn the Danish cartoons, including one that featured Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. He defended the Danish newspaper's right to publish the drawings, saying limitations on free speech should be "self-imposed."

"The limits are one's own integrity and one's own beliefs," he said. "Sometimes you want to offend. But you target the powerful, not the weak.
How sweet, they both think the same thing! They must find that very reassuring as they sip their camomille teas in the Guardian canteen. They don't appear to have convinced fellow doodler Hunt Emerson though:
"As a cartoonist, I have quite a few views about it," he said. "But as a human being, I'm not going to put me and my family in danger. So you might say they're winning."
But haven’t you heard Hunt, they're powerless!

Update. Here are some American cartoonists addressing the issue of the powerless religion. (Hat tip USS Neverdock)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far as we can tell, a new, twin policy from the mainstream media has been promulgated: (a) If a group is strong enough in its reaction to a story or caricature, the press will refrain from printing that story or caricature, and (b) if the group is pandered to by the mainstream media, the media then will go through elaborate contortions and defenses to justify its abdication of duty.


William J. Bennett (Washington fellow of the Claremont Institute and a former secretary of education) & Alan M. Dershowitz (law professor,Harvard)

5:40 pm  
Anonymous TAoL said...

"I believe religion is an artificial human construction and it does not have any special feature to make it immune. There should be no no-go area."

Incidentally, does Rowson realise that he is blaspheming Islam when he says this?

I am working out the logic behind this statement. No religion is a no-go area (apart from Islam, obviously, because its adherents are "powerless").

But what is his stance on other faiths whose adherents are "powerless" in various places of the world (e.g. Christians in Egypt, Christians in Lebanon, Christians in Indonesia, Christians in most of the Middle East and Asia? ), I wonder?

I guess we will never know.

8:09 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

the media then will go through elaborate contortions and defenses to justify its abdication of duty

TAoL - the hypocrisy is staggering, isn't it?

11:44 pm  
Anonymous RS Gold said...

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