Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I haven’t watched any of BBC 4’s Lefties - Rod Liddle’s description of the series as "a misty-eyed and affectionate look at the old radical left" convinced me that it probably wouldn’t be good for my blood pressure - but I found this little titbit about tomorrow’s final episode quite enlightening:
News on Sunday was a left-wing tabloid that launched to great fanfare in 1987 and went bankrupt just eight weeks later. It was one of the boldest business ventures ever attempted by the far left and it was a disaster.

A group who met through a tiny left-wing faction called Big Flame were convinced it was possible to market a left-wing mass-circulation newspaper. They were led by ex-Ford worker Alan Hayling (now head of BBC Documentaries) under the editorial leadership of John Pilger, who walked out before the paper had even launched.
I wonder if he was head-hunted:
"Mr Hayling, we see that you’re a radical left-winger with a spectacular failure under your belt. The BBC might have just the job for you..."


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