Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Law & Order Priorities

Today's Sun:
A POSTIE was hauled before a jury on a sex rap — for giving a customer an Xmas kiss on the cheek.
Alan Pearson, 41, cycled up to her on his round and gave a ‘harmless’ peck.
But the woman — who Alan regularly said hello to — went home and told her husband, who called the police.
He was summoned back to his sorting office where TEN cops were waiting to arrest him.
Today's Times
Muhammad Hussain, 26, who killed Levi Bleasdale, 3, while driving a stolen car, and on parole, was jailed by Burnley magistrates for 12 weeks. He could have faced six months. Levi’s grandfather said: “We’re appalled. Someone who stole a teddy from her memorial got eight months. The person who kills her gets just three.”


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