Monday, February 13, 2006

ID Cards Bill Debate

I took this screen grab a couple of minutes ago. Nice to see so many of our elected representatives taking part in the debate.

Update. ID cards bill passed. Bastards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ministers have won a Commons vote making it compulsory for people to be given ID cards - and put on a register - when they apply for passports."

So, i guess Mr Al Qaeda sleeper cell type, with a Pakistani passport will still be able to operate in the UK.

All makes perfect sense.. NOT.

7:52 pm  
Anonymous TAoL said...

I see that the UK's Quisling-in-Waiting has been playing the security card today. I imagine some back-benchers stayed loyal because they want ministerial posts under Brown's premiership.

But Mr Al Qaeda sleeper cell type will still be able operate in the UK even with a shiny new ID card and a British passport. You don't need an ID card to make and detonate a bomb: just such Semtex, detonators, a rucksack and a copy of the Koran.

Of course, using its splendidly perverse logic, the Home Office points out that there is no compulsion involved. Unless you want a new passport, that is.

And the UK will be a safer place because it is now compulsory to own purchase an ID card if you want to leave the country.


8:07 pm  
Blogger Grumpy Troll said...

I have read and heard that the ID cards scheme is simply too expensive to take off. I do hope that is true for those unfortunate enough to be at the mercy of Tony Blair's overinquisitive government.

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they are preparing to make it difficult to leave the country.

Surely a bad sign.

12:59 pm  

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